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  1. D@shie
    October 14th 2009, 6:28 pm
    Message by D@shie - :kiss:pen has been nominated

    Hey krispen,

    We are currently re-opening the Hottest and Sexiest Pchynatic Award thread under Members Interaction Zone and you have been nominated by julliancloud to be one of the hottest Pcynhatic. It would be both a great pleasure and honor if you would accept the nomination. The nomination would be until 11:59 pm of October 18, 2009 (Sunday). All nominees must post at least 3 unedited solo photo of him/herself and are not allowed to remove, delete nor edit the submitted photos until the contest is on going. The contest would run until the end of the month and if successful, hopefully, we'll have another one by the start of next year. You may also nominate any ACTIVE pchynatic, but nominees are subjest to approval by admin and moderators. Rules are posted on page 13 posts # 183.

    It may not be a great deal but we think that this would be fun and it would also help us promote interaction with our fellow die-hard pchynatics.

    For any questions, suggestions or violent reactions, please post it on the said thread (Click Here) and/or reply to this pm. I would personally try and answer them as quickly as I can.
    Your reply is required on or before 12mn of October 19, 2009 (Monday). Without any response or any decisive reply would mean you decline the nomination.

  2. duplex
    August 15th 2009, 2:53 pm
    Message by duplex - Re: hey
    krispen wrote:
    duplex wrote:Hi Everyone!

    You are cordially invited to duplex's official site. It will be an honor to have you be part of my community.

    Here is the link to my site: duplexx.webs.com

    Hope to see you there!

    Thank you,


    yeah right...you're that vain ha..hehe

    okay, okay...i'll check

    you better check it out or no shower with you Evil or Very Mad haha




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